Addiction Recovery Porter Ranch

As an addiction victim, you need to do whatever it takes to leave it behind, starting today. We advise joining our addiction recovery in Porter Ranch at Royal Recovery & Treatment Center before the condition aggravates any further. If you’re confused about the rehabilitation process, here is what you should expect:

In-depth clinical and psychiatric assessment

At our Porter Ranch rehab center, we perform in-depth clinical assessment prior to treatment to extract information about:

  • Medical history
  • Current medical status
  • Addiction specifics (the substance you’re using, addiction length, the severity of the withdrawal, side-effects, etc.)
  • Potential co-occurring mental disorders
  • Mental and emotional state
  • Family environment
  • Needs and expectations, etc.

The more we learn about you, the easier it will be for our experts to devise a patient-oriented recovery program for immediate and long-lasting results.

Detoxification and stabilization

Our treatment centers in Porter Ranch rely on clinical detox to stabilize your physiological functioning, restore your physical, mental, and emotional balance, cleanse your organism, and limit the withdrawal effects. The goal is to permit your body to flush the residual toxins and begin the healing process faster. This will provide you with an improved state of mind, allowing you to control your thoughts and behavior, and prevent short-term relapse.

The detoxification treatment is vital in preparation for residential care, and it’s necessary in almost all cases. At our rehabilitation center near Porter Ranch, we perform personalized detox in a controlled environment, allowing you to recover with as little discomfort as possible. Our experts will be by your side 24/7, ensuring everything goes according to plan and ensuring maximum comfort and security.

Inpatient rehabilitation

Our alcohol and drug rehabs in Porter Ranch rely on inpatient treatment as the core recovery program. Most of our patients spend around 12 weeks in inpatient rehab after detox, focusing on reinforcing their commitment to sobriety and evolve into better, happier, more responsible individuals. During this stage, you will undergo specific therapies and treatments to help you:

  • Grow more confident and determined to reach your goals
  • Control your negative and harmful thoughts and emotions
  • Learn your desires and distinguish between the bad and the good ones
  • Learn accountability and responsibility
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle and daily routine, etc.

The inpatient rehab treatment is a core component of our drug and alcohol rehab programs in Porter Ranch, helping patients build the foundation to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle over the years.

Aftercare assistance and guidance

If you still need guidance and assistance after completing our addiction recovery in Porter Ranch, our aftercare program is up and running. During the aftercare period, you will participate in 12-step meetings, benefit from peer support, and reintegrate into society gradually. This will help you retake control over your life and become a more successful and fulfilled individual.

Contact Royal Recovery & Treatment Center today at 800 572 1827 and tell us your story! We can set an appointment at our rehab center as soon as possible for in-depth clinical assessment, detox, and therapy. Call us and begin your new life’s story now!

Addiction Recovery Porter Ranch

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Addiction Recovery Porter Ranch

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