Alcohol Detox Program

Royal Recovery & Treatment Center is a fully equipped rehabilitation center in Porter Ranch designed to help clients effectively and safely manage uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. We help clients recover from alcohol and drug abuse issues in a way that works for them. Our alcohol detox program is one of the most preferred programs in Porter Ranch. So, if you’re looking for alcohol and drug rehab programs in Porter Ranch, Royal Recovery & Treatment Center can help.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Detox is the first step toward alcohol addiction recovery. However, there are two ways to alcohol detox: the medically supervised detox and the “cold turkey” method. Addicts who decide to quit alcohol at their home choose to go cold turkey. We do not recommend this method at Royal Recovery & Treatment Center because quitting alcohol with no medical support can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms.

Professional And Medically Supervised Detox

Our medically supervised detox can help you detox from alcohol and drug addiction safely and efficiently while reducing withdrawal symptoms. At Royal Recovery & Treatment, our team of physicians, therapists, and other health care workers will monitor your symptoms to ease alcohol withdrawal discomfort. Our sober living environment will eliminate any chance of relapse during alcohol detox while significantly increasing your odds of a successful recovery.

What TO Expect AT Our Porter Ranch Alcohol Detox Program

Too much consumption of alcohol can damage your body. This effect can range from your brain to your kidneys. In detoxification, you will learn how to live without alcohol again. At Royal Recovery & Treatment, our alcohol detox will heal you by removing your physical alcohol dependence. 

Medication-Assisted Detox Program

Our physician will prescribe medication to minimize alcohol withdrawal symptoms when they decide that you need medical assistance to get through detox. We’ll carefully monitor this medication to prevent abuse or dependency because it can make the detoxification process much more comfortable for most addicts when appropriately used. 

While the detoxification process is a vital part of addiction recovery, it is only the first step. To address your alcohol addiction’s mental aspects, you may need to continue your recovery with an intensive alcohol addiction recovery program. At Royal Recovery & Treatment Center, our treatment centers in Porter Ranch offer a partial hospitalization program that serves as an intensive alternative to inpatient addiction treatment and a dual diagnosis program that treats co-occurring mental health problems and alcohol addiction issues.

We Can Help You

If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol or drug abuse and dependency, we are here to help. At Royal Recovery & Treatment Center, our #1 priority is our patients’ comfort and safety. We go the extra mile to ensure that any withdrawal symptoms are addressed as soon as possible and make sure patients are comfortable during our alcohol detox program. If you need help, we suggest you call us today at 800 572 1827 to speak with one of our addiction specialists to get the help you need.

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Alcohol Detox Program

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