Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Porter Ranch

At Royal Recovery and Treatment Center, we explain everything you need to know about dual diagnosis and how it correlates with our Porter Ranch rehab center. Dual diagnosis treatment services focus on treating mental health and symptoms related to addiction.

Royal Recovery and Treatment Center is the best dual diagnosis treatment center in Porter Ranch for several reasons. We specialize in concurrently addressing addiction and mental health.

Dual diagnosis addiction treatments approach all sides of addictive symptoms and behaviors to minimize further damage. Imagine addiction and mental health as different sides of an open wound that must come together. The two sides can heal and meet in the middle, but it is more likely that each side will heal differently.

Imagine dual diagnosis treatments as medical-grade stitches that safely connect the two sides to function cohesively. At Royal Recovery and Treatment Center, we provide the tools that enable clients to sew themselves back together.

Holistic Dual Diagnosis Rehabilitation Center Near Porter Ranch

Royal Recovery and Treatment Center is unique from other treatment centers in Porter Ranch because we address patients’ mental and physical wellbeing. Treating mental health conditions and substance abuse enhances patients’ success after leaving our facilities.

People suffering from mental health problems may use drugs or alcohol as a way to escape their realities. Patients not receiving routine therapy or mental care are far more likely to fall back into destructive behaviors fueled by addiction.

At Royal Recovery and Treatment Center, we prescribe short-term medications to comfort clients suffering from anxiety and depression. Some patients might require long term medication use, but our facility’s goal is to teach holistic tools and therapies.

Imagine the limited medication use as a crutch to assist you in adjusting to a sober lifestyle. Mood stabilizing medications offer relief while you recondition your mind’s responses to triggers. Mental health tools and strategies create safe coping mechanisms that people use throughout their journey to sobriety.

Affordable Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Porter Ranch

Royal Recovery and Treatment Center acknowledges that the road to sobriety is a long journey full of obstacles. However, our treatment teaches clients holistic methodologies that will benefit them for a lifetime.

After a patient is stabilized, our team creates an aftercare plan. Aftercare remains an essential component of addressing the complications of dual diagnosis.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, and family therapy are just a few life-altering treatments available at Royal Recovery and Treatment Center. We use valuable feedback to teach accountability without compromising our compassionate support. If medications benefit patients more than they hinder them, we will help you manage your prescriptions.

Extended Drug and Alcohol Programs in Porter Ranch

Royal Recovery and Treatment Center offers luxury drug and alcohol programs for patients with a dual diagnosis. Besides vital detox services, our staff will monitor your emotional and nutritional needs to optimize your health.

If you are ready to get the help you need, please call 1-800-572-1827 to speak with an addiction specialist from Royal Recovery. A better life is waiting for you to jump behind the wheel!

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Porter Ranch

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Porter Ranch

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