Dual Diagnosis Treatment San Fernando Valley

If you’re dealing with substance addiction and a mental issue at the same time, you need dual diagnosis treatment in San Fernando Valley today. At Royal Recovery & Treatment, we know how critical early dual diagnosis treatment is and how it can quickly change your life. Here are five reasons why you need urgent dual diagnosis treatment:

1. Smoother detox

Our SFV rehab center offers medical detoxification as the first phase of the recovery program. The detox program allows you to regain control over your thoughts and emotions, eliminate the substance from your system, and prevent short-term relapse. To increase the procedure’s effectiveness, we perform dual diagnosis treatment simultaneously, providing medication and therapy to cope with co-occurring disorders.

Aside from boosting the detox program’s effectiveness, this approach will also allow you to recover and heal faster over time.

2. Preventing relapse

Many individuals resort to drug or alcohol abuse in an attempt to treat pre-existent mental problems. At our treatment centers in San Fernando, we promote dual diagnosis treatment as a modality to reduce the risk of relapse. We achieve that by eliminating the problem that was fueling your addictive behavior in the first place. Depending on the issue you’re dealing with, we can provide medication, therapy, and counseling as tools to cope with the disorder and find relief in the long run.

3. Improved wellbeing

Both addiction and mental disorders cause tremendous discomfort, pain, and suffering, severely affecting our patients’ quality of life. Our rehabilitation center near San Fernando Valley promotes the dual diagnosis program as a tool to improve our patients’ overall wellbeing. Our program will allow you to:

  • Become more positive and optimistic
  • Find mental and emotional relief from mental issues
  • Understand what’s fueling your disorders, so you can address the causes
  • Adopt a long-term management plan for improved stability and higher control, etc.

This shows why our alcohol and drug rehabs in San Fernando Valley effectively cope with advanced addiction and aggravated co-occurring disorders.

4. Faster recovery

By combining our drug and alcohol rehab programs in San Fernando Valley with the dual diagnosis treatment, we promote a faster, more reliable recovery and sustainable sobriety after treatment. Untreated mental disorders usually prevent patients from achieving their true potential, setting the stage for relapse over the years. At our center, we have a team of clinicians, health experts, and counselors working to diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders for immediate benefits. This approach will allow you to recover faster and remain stable and sober over time.

5. Improved self-awareness

Understanding and addressing your mental problems will provide you with a sense of responsibility and accountability. Our dual diagnosis treatment in San Fernando Valley will help you understand what you need to do to remain healthy, sober, and independent over the years.

Contact our team of counselors at Royal Recovery & Treatment Center (800 572 1827) and ask for details about our pricing options and treatment programs! We can help you deal with addiction and co-occurring problems effectively starting today!

Dual Diagnosis Treatment San Fernando Valley

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment San Fernando Valley

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