Inpatient Drug Rehab Porter Ranch

Dealing with addiction is neither easy nor risk-free. At Royal Recovery & Treatment Center, we offer comprehensive inpatient drug rehab in Porter Ranch for fast recovery and sustainable sobriety over the years. If you’ve never participated in a rehabilitation program, here is what you should expect from our inpatient treatment:

In-depth clinical assessment and detox prior to treatment

The detoxification phase is vital for fast recovery, physical, mental, emotional stability, and overall healing power. At our Porter Ranch rehab center, we perform in-depth clinical assessment and diagnosis to gather data about your addiction and current mental state. We then create a patient-oriented detox protocol using medication and therapy to:

  • Help you control your cravings
  • Diminish the impact of the withdrawal symptoms
  • Allow your brain to reset
  • Eliminate the substance from your organism
  • Eliminate the risk of relapse
  • Diminish the discomfort during the detox process, etc.

A structured recovery environment

Our treatment centers in Port Ranch rely on a structured approach to recovery for the best and most sustainable results. Addiction is a complex disorder, affecting your body, mind, social and personal life, and even the lives of those around you. To reverse the damages, we need a patient-oriented, structured program, working based on holistic principles.

Our rehabilitation center near Porter Ranch relies on detox, medication, therapy, counseling, recreational activities, and group meetings during the inpatient treatment for the best results. This allows you to regain your self-control and confidence, grow your self-esteem, and achieve unbreakable mental and emotional stability. These are useful traits to have when looking to incorporate sobriety into your lifestyle.

Extensive therapeutic approaches

Most recovering addicts struggle with co-occurring mental disorders that impact their ability to quit addiction and recover. Our alcohol and drug rehabs in Porter Ranch rely on dual diagnosis treatment to diagnose and address those disorders during rehab. The dual diagnosis treatment uses medication like anti-depressants and antipsychotics, behavioral therapies, and group therapy to provide relief and treatment.

Dealing with co-occurring disorders will allow you to focus on recovery better and prevent long-term relapse via management and prevention.

Building a reliable support circle

It’s a fact that peer support can significantly boost your confidence and positivity and help you cope with the rehab process easier. Knowing that we promote unity, peer support, and counseling throughout the treatment as part of our extensive drug and alcohol rehab programs in Porter Ranch. This will help you become more confident, optimistic, energetic, and determined to reach your long-term goals.

The same peer support remains a critical recovery tool during the aftercare program when former addicts need it the most to maintain sobriety and adopt a healthy lifestyle over the years. All these aspects show why our inpatient drug rehab in Porter Ranch is among the most reliable rehabilitation and recovery protocols you can find.

Contact Royal Recovery & Treatment Center today at 800 572 1827, and let’s discuss your payment and treatment options! You can come in for clinical assessment today and prepare for detox and recovery as soon as you’re ready.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Porter Ranch

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Porter Ranch

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