Inpatient Drug Treatment San Fernando Valley

As one of the leading rehab institutions in San Fernando Valley, Royal Recovery & Treatment Center has modern amenities, a breathtaking view, a qualified clinical staff team, and evidence-based therapies to help patients embrace sobriety safely and sustainably. With hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials, we are a highly sought-after rehab for inpatient drug treatment in San Fernando Valley.

Pros and cons of inpatient drug treatment

Inpatient treatment is one of the most preferred rehab programs for its high long-term success and low relapse rates. Some of the pros and cons associated with residential treatment include:


  • Patients enjoy 24/7 medical care and support from a skilled and experienced clinical team. Continuous medical care can play an integral role, especially during the withdrawal phase, which can be unpleasant and uncomfortable.
  • Patients heal and share their experiences with other peers at our SFV rehab center. 
  • By staying in a trigger-free environment for extended periods, patients get to place their undivided attention on treatments, therapies, and the healing process.


  • An inpatient rehab program can be slightly pricier when compared to outpatient or IOP treatment.
  • Patients may have to take time off from their school/work/family commitments.

The pros outweigh the cons, making residential treatment the most viable treatment choice for anyone considering rehab. As one of the leading alcohol and drug rehabs in San Fernando Valley, we offer the highest quality addiction treatment and care in an upscale facility at budget-friendly prices.

Is inpatient rehab treatment worth the cost?

Inpatient treatment at one of the treatment centers in San Fernando is certainly worth the cost when you compare it to the long-term benefits. Since residential treatment offers the highest level of care and engages you in a whole array of wellness therapies and programs, it can help you attain a quick recovery (within 30 – 90 days).

Trying to save costs by avoiding the treatment can cause you to lose a ton of money on ineffective rehab and detox programs. When compared to the price you will pay for leading an addict’s life, the cost of inpatient treatment will seem irrelevant.

Three reasons to choose our inpatient rehab in San Fernando Valley

If you are confident about enrolling for inpatient treatment, choosing the right rehabilitation center near San Fernando Valley is critical. Here are three good reasons telling you to sign up for one of our drug and alcohol rehab programs in San Fernando Valley:

  • We have a dedicated team of experts who will work with you incessantly for a safe and speedy recovery.
  • Our breathtaking view, gorgeous pool, and other high-end amenities can provide you with plenty of time for self-introspection, relaxation, and the ideal environment for healing.
  • We offer the best aftercare programs to ensure that your hard work and perseverance towards maintaining a sober life lasts until the very end.

Contact Royal Recovery & Treatment Center at 800 572 1827 to sign up for our inpatient drug treatment in San Fernando Valley. We can help you overcome your old destructive behaviors and start fresh with our advantageous treatments and therapies. 

Inpatient Drug Treatment San Fernando Valley

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Inpatient Drug Treatment San Fernando Valley

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