Intensive Drug And Alcohol Treatment Program

As a victim of prolonged addiction, you need to join an intensive drug and alcohol treatment program today! At Royal Recovery & Treatment Center, we know how important early detox is, especially when dealing with aggravated substance dependency forms. The benefits of early treatment are essential for safe and fast recovery. These include:

1. Overcoming withdrawal safely

The withdrawal symptoms can grow to life-threatening proportions, depending on your addiction’s severity, the substance you’re using, any existent co-occurring disorders, etc. This is what makes self-detox so dangerous and ineffective, and it’s the reason why we advise people against it. We offer personalized detoxification services for safe and fast rehabilitation and stabilization at our Porter Ranch rehab center.

The detoxification program will:

  • Stabilize your physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning
  • Flush the addiction-related toxins from your organism
  • Minimize the withdrawal impact and diminish the pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • Provide safety and control during detox
  • Prepare you for subsequent recovery programs during the inpatient treatment

The only way to detox safely is at our treatment centers in Porter Ranch. Self-detoxification is generally ineffective and can cause more problems than it solves. These include overdoses, dangerous drug interactions, severe dehydration, mental problems, and even new addictions. Stay safe – contact our professionals for safe detox in a relaxing and controlled environment!

2. Preventing relapse

The relapse will always remain a risk for all recovering addicts for the rest of their lives. That’s because addiction is a chronic condition, which requires a lifetime of maintenance and prevention. At our rehabilitation center near Porter Ranch, we promote relapse prevention protocols to help you embrace long-term sobriety and stability. This process relies on therapy, counseling, personal guidance, and addiction and relapse prevention education as the tools for a clean, healthy, and sober lifestyle.

Detoxing alone will take this opportunity away from you, causing you to relapse soon after. Our professionals will ensure a safe and comfortable environment during detox, controlling your progress, and making sure you remain sober throughout the treatment and beyond.

3. Complete personal transformation

Our alcohol and drug rehabs in Porter Ranch promote personal development and transformation as essential components to the recovery process. You cannot hope to remain sober over the years without adopting an improved set of values, including responsibility, accountability, and determination. This will help you become more confident in yourself with improved self-esteem and fresh strengths towards pursuing your life-long goals.

Our drug and alcohol rehab programs in Porter Ranch include therapy, counseling, support groups, 12-step meetings, and personal growth guidance to help you achieve that. With our experts’ help, you will learn how to control your cravings, avoid social triggers, and work on self-improvement every day for the rest of your life.

If you’re seeking immediate recovery from addiction, you need to consider our intensive drug and alcohol treatment program asap. At Royal Recovery & Treatment Center, we offer continuous assistance and medical and psychological support for fast and sustainable recovery. Choose freedom – call our center at 800 572 1827 and change your life forever!

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Intensive Drug And Alcohol Treatment Program

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