Treatment Centers Porter Ranch

Royal Recovery & Treatment Center offers multiple rehabilitation services ranging from drug and alcohol detox to aftercare programs. Each staff member at our facility contributes their specialized expertise to guarantee our clients receive superior level care and treatment.

Before beginning the detoxification process, our team conducts extensive physical and mental testing to prepare the patient. Blood tests, physical wellness, and stable mindsets help determine the best way to approach rehabilitation for individual patients.

Five Programs Offered at the King of Rehab Treatment Centers in Porter Ranch

Royal Recovery & Treatment Center is considered the king of drug and alcohol addiction clinics. As one of the leading treatment centers in Porter Ranch, we strive to maintain well-rounded programs that ease transitions between care programs. Please review the following detailed overview of the five primary treatment programs offered at Royal Recovery & Treatment Center to see what works for you.

  1. Detoxification – The medical staff at our facility will provide medications to ease intense symptoms of withdrawal. As detox continues, medications will slowly discontinue for clients to recover naturally. Twenty-four-hour medical care will prevent life-threatening conditions or mental stability lapses. At Royal Recovery & Treatment Center, responsive medical assistance is on call to cater to your emotional and physical health.
  2. Residential – Residential rehabilitation services at our treatment facilities focus on identifying addictive triggers and recognizing destructive behaviors. By pushing support and accountability, our twelve-week program builds foundations for clients to grow. Staff monitoring and addiction support specialists remain available to answer questions or address potential concerns seven days a week.
  3. Dual Diagnosis – Dual diagnosis defines patients medically diagnosed with mental health disorders and addiction. At Royal Recovery & Treatment Center, we offer trauma and cognitive-behavioral therapies to overcome the root of addictive patterns. Besides group and individual therapy sessions, dual diagnosis patients may receive prescription medications to battle against the crippling symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  4. Aftercare – Aftercare is the treatment plan applied once you complete residential inpatient rehabilitative programs. Aftercare programs offer smooth transitions from detox and inpatient programs to sober living houses or individual therapy. Housing arrangements, emergency contact setup, and weekly twelve-step meetings list a few requirements for a comprehensive aftercare plan. Royal Recovery & Treatment Center can recommend referrals to intensive outpatient services to those most in need of assistance.
  5. First Responders and Professionals – Emergency personnel members, like firefighters, face traumatic situations as part of their jobs. The troubling circumstances faced by workers who serve the public can lead to self-medication techniques, like using drugs or alcohol. Family therapy and nutritional therapy helps people rediscover themselves without alcohol or drug use. The luxury amenities you’ll find at our facilities include hardwood floors, flat-screen televisions, and upscale fireplaces.

Get the Help You Need to Achieve Sober Living Today

There’s never a wrong time to reach out and ask for help with excessive alcohol or illicit drug addiction. Please dial 1-800-572-1827 to speak directly with an addiction specialist representative associated with Royal Recovery & Treatment Center. If we cannot accommodate your rehabilitative needs, you can count on us to find treatment centers that can!

Treatment Centers Porter Ranch

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Treatment Centers Porter Ranch

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