Top 3 Tips for Safeguarding Your Sobriety During the Holiday Season

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If you’ve always associated the holidays with kicking back and drinking, it may be difficult to go through the season without a drink in hand. This year is especially tough as traditions are changing and families are isolating due to coronavirus. You may feel an even greater urge to drink with so much change, chaos and uncertainty going on.

However, if you think about things, some of your greatest joys come from being sober. Because you don’t want to jeopardize your hard work in a single season, it’s important to protect your recovery throughout the holidays. Below are three tips to help you do this.

1. Make Self-Care (and Sobriety) Your Top Priority

We tend to run ourselves ragged over the holidays. But this year, you need to put your sobriety first. You can’t do things to make others happy if it’s not good for your recovery. To ensure you make smart decisions, here are some self-care tips to follow:

  • Stick to your normal routine
  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night
  • Eat nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins
  • Continue taking your medications and supplements
  • Leave time for yourself
  • Exercise regularly
  • Practice stress reduction strategies like meditation or yoga

2. Increase Your Support

The holidays tend to come with more temptation, especially if you normally drank a lot at this time of year. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Now is your time to lean on your support circle.

Continue going to your AA meetings over the holidays. In fact, you may want to increase your attendance. Some meetings have gone virtual due to the coronavirus, so don’t be afraid to get your support virtually. What’s important is that you surround yourself with people who love and support you.

Other ways to increase support include:

  • Download sobriety apps to your phone
  • Read inspirational recovery stories
  • Listen to recovery podcasts
  • Spend more time with loved ones

3. Volunteer Your Time and Talents

We highly recommend volunteering your time and talents this season. Doing so will help you stay busy and keep your mind off drinking. Plus, giving back allows you to make a difference and find your greater purpose in life. Many people in recovery say that it’s their volunteer work that allowed them to recognize their gifts and talents and how they fit into the bigger picture.

Even with the pandemic, there are still many ways to help out over the holidays. Reach out to local charities and ask what opportunities they have available. They may ask you to collect goods, deliver services or answer calls on a hotline. If you’re not sure of any local charities, use to be matched to a nonprofit in your area.

Get Added Support from Royal Recovery – We’re Open Over the Holidays

The holidays can be a trigger for people in recovery, but they do get easier over time. As you create new traditions, you’ll learn to associate the holidays with other things beyond drinking. If you need support during this time, contact Royal Recovery in Porter Ranch, CA. Our residential treatment center provides a safe, supportive setting for you to work your recovery free of distraction.