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As a dual diagnosis treatment center, Royal Recovery and Treatment Center is able to give clients a professional diagnosis for all of their substance use and mental health conditions. Today, we know how important it is to treat both disorders at the same time rather than separately. When you choose Royal Recovery and Treatment Center for your care, you can expect highly personalized, integrated treatment that meets your needs.

To help you understand what you can expect from our dual diagnosis treatment center in Porter Ranch CA, let’s learn more about what this diagnosis means and the therapies available.

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

A person with dual diagnosis has both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse problem. It’s not uncommon for these conditions to occur together. About half of people with a mental health problem develop an addiction at some point in their lives. Both conditions can feed off each other and become more severe, which is why intense therapy is often required.

Here are some reasons why addiction and mental illness frequently occur together:

  • Common risk factors. The risk factors for substance abuse and mental illness are similar and include genetics, stress, trauma and environmental factors.
  • Self-medication.People who have a mental health problem may try to self-medicate their symptoms using drugs and alcohol.
  • Side effects from drug abuse.Abusing drugs and alcohol changes the brain, increasing the chances for mental illness.

How Can I Tell if I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Royal Recovery and Treatment Center screens each client before they start treatment. This allows us to determine who can benefit from dual diagnosis treatment in the San Fernando Valley CA. If you don’t have an underlying mental illness, you will stay on our regular track of care for substance use disorders.

We will likely recommend dual diagnosis treatment if you suffer from the following:

  • Mental illness that is untreated or not properly treated
  • Using drugs and alcohol to overcome stress, fear and anxiety
  • Not feeling fully satisfied with life
  • History of trauma or abuse
  • Family history of mental illness
  • Attempts at suicide or self-harm

What Treatment Options Do You Offer?

Nearly 9 million people are affected every year by dual diagnosis. You are certainly not alone, though you may feel that you are. Royal Recovery and Treatment Center is accustomed to treating individuals with dual diagnosis, and we are confident that we can help you, too.

To get you familiar with our approach to treating a dual diagnosis in Porter Ranch, here are some things to know about our treatment options:

  • Mental disorders generally require treatment in the form of medications. You may not need them forever, but they will allow you to manage your symptoms so you can focus on recovery. The medications we recommend depend on your disorder, but popular options include antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, mood-stabilizing medications and antipsychotic medications.
  • Royal Recovery and Treatment Center utilizes various therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma therapy. Group meetings also provide helpful feedback, advice and support as you navigate the recovery process. Lastly, family therapy helps strengthen the family unit so that you can return home to a safe, sober and supportive environment.
  • Recovery is an ongoing process. We provide all clients with a detailed aftercare plan that includes suggestions and resources for maintaining sobriety. This is especially important for those with dual diagnosis, as you must account for both disorders. If you stop taking your medication for depression, for example, you could fall into a depressed state and start using again.

The Right Care Can Help You Achieve and Maintain Sobriety

Through our dual diagnosis treatment center in Porter Ranch, you can get all the services you need for a healthy and complete recovery. We provide detox services, counseling and aftercare under one roof. With 24-hour monitoring, we can address your physical, nutritional, mental and emotional needs to ensure you have the energy and focus for counseling.

Royal Recovery and Treatment Center feels it’s most effective when clients receive inclusive treatment, which brings partners, spouses, children and other household members into therapy. Our counseling sessions also build self-esteem and self-confidence in a safe and supportive setting.

To learn more about our approach to treating dual diagnosis, contact Royal Recovery and Treatment Center today. Getting your life back on track may seem out of reach right now, but we assure you that it’s possible and attainable with the right care.

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